Thursday, March 10, 2016

Will my current project succeed?

I'm scheming about a fortune-telling horse for the party. Or at least a horse head. Maybe you put your hand inside the mouth to get your fortune... I'm creating 50 fortunes in honor of Nod's sesquicentennial. Then I need to look at the Elgin marbles a while and build the cardboard horse head to be our Oracle.

Boom! boomboom! Boom! Boom! That's the sound of the blooming and leafing around me. I swear I could see noticeable leaf progress on one tree I passed on the way to my office and then saw again on the way home. Forsythia, daffodils, etc. I bought seeds at the school event last night: zinnia, cosmos, sunflowers and cat grass. I really wanted hollyhocks but couldn't find any. Maybe the hardware store will come through on that front.

Housecleaning tonight for me and Friday for the kids since no school. K's room is blindingly clear and nice. L's is passable last I looked. Mine needs work. Nod specifically requested that I get everything off the top of the dressers. It's where I've been storing my short and long sleeve tops for months. I won't have a bigger dresser to put things in. But I am reminding myself that progress is possible. I can always whisk away a box of stuff I'm not using to the basement for a quick fix. Steering away from petulant and toward effective.

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