Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Arguing, new adventure, peril, candy disdain

I am having an argument with a recipe for baba ghanoush. Add oil in a thin steady stream. Or blop in in there while beating and then continue to beat like Jehosaphat until it's blended. As someone who struggles to achieve an ideal stream, I prefer the second method. I like baba ghanoush with no garlic, the green onion is enough allium for me. Broil, turning occasionally, until charred on all sides and completely tender, about 1 hour. Naw, are you crazy? Broil the eggplants until black and slumpy, then put in a glass bowl with a plate over the top to steam for 30ish more minutes. Broiling for an hour sounds like a tedious way to produce carbon rather than the desired roasted eggplant goo.

Nod got a cherished invitation to a sauna and potluck gathering last weekend. There is a couple he does 5 Rhythms dance with who live out in the country on a beautiful hilltop and have a sauna out behind their house. I went along but did not sauna. I like a hot tub or a pool but sauna or steam isn't my favorite as I am slightly claustrophobic and overheat easily. I think it made some of the gathered uncomfortable that I didn't disrobe and join them. But I think it was the right call. Potluck was nice and the 6 week old baby was a charmer. I don't know that I'd go back but I was curious and had that satisfied. In the future I can send Nod off to be hot and peaceful and I'll sort of know what he's in for.

Going around my Fbook circle, Frontline stats on how bad the US opioid addiction crisis is. The one that got me: it's killing more people per year than car crashes. In 2014 40% more deaths from overdoses than car accidents. Boggled. Anyone prescribed opioids needs to approach with extreme caution. Clearly it doesn't take much.  

Candy trash talk. I love some of these nasty, sticky outlaws but I still enjoy the vigorous airing of opinions.

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