Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Nod says I'm looking hot. That's a good thing to hear from a life partner. I've been doing the jogging thing pretty regularly and am feeling good in my skin. Although at the same time I am watching the Droopening occur in many regions. The side boob phenom is a drag. I'm not wild about the general state of my belly. Just looked at the prehistoric Woman of Willendorf figurine for reference. Wikip tells me that the 'Venus of Willendorf' monniker is falling out of favor. I am trying to decide if she's laid her scrawny little arms on top of her breasts or if that's some other sort of decoration. This somewhat cranky male art historian says yes it's her arms. He suggests that she was sculpted by a man and equivalent to a centerfold. A competing idea would be that she was used for female masturbation! Ah the distant past is so convenient that way -- so little information comes to us across the vast gulf of time and any interpretation could be correct.
Venus von Willendorf 01.jpg

I can't compete with Willa and I would like to have some tightening so I guess I should do those damn planks and pushups and see what happens. It's a month til my last 40s birthday. Besides the Droopening I am not enjoying how long healing takes in my current decade. Tedious!

Oldest was chosen for the performance troupe in her circus school. Of course. Very happy for her. She also overslept this morning and I don't know yet when she made it to school. Sigh.

Fabulous night out on Sunday at a patio show. The patio part was cancelled when the rain clouds rolled in but we were able to get a booth and everything. Fun to spend time with Akira too.

Achieved carrot cake with cider glaze last week. Grated five medium carrots and everything. It is a good spice cake using olive oil rather than butter for its fat. The cider glaze is pleasant but forgettable. I was expecting an ambrosial appley crown and it's really just a sweet slick on top. No regrets, only new knowledge. And cake!

Oldest child requested jogging at the west side rec center. We picked up her friend Re on the way. They chose to workout inside but I picked the trails because the temp was in the 70s and still plenty of daylight. There weren't as many people on the trails as I expected. The tracks were steeper and more gravelly than I expected as well. Used more muscles than usual for the ascending/descending and slipping a bit on the rocks. I'm glad to feel more oriented on the trails now. My conclusion was that I would rather have stuck close to home and not had to drive to workout. Suggested as much to daught and gave her the school field track as an option if she doesn't like the paved trail I usually pick.

Nod has just given up red meat, April 2016. I'm still suprised. But certainly pleased. I can't hardly bring myself to buy it anymore. I am working my way through the frozen chicken breast leftover from the xmas meat gift. Have discovered that poaching it with ginger and green onion and plenty of salt is a good technique that doesn't require all the work of chopping and stir frying. I like to eat meat but can't justify either the animal treatment or the environmental cost for cow and pig. If I eliminate those I think I can make the effort and spend the money for more humanely raised chicken or turkey. I'll have to check my snooty store options.


Lucy said...

Hottentotness? Enjoyed the stuff about paleolithic Venuses, I have wondered how they got enough to eat to have such fat reserves, if they reflected anything like what women actually looked like. So much for the paleo diet!

Nimble said...

The suggestion is that perhaps this was a representation of a fairly unobtainable state of plenty. It also reminds me of the Sheela na Gig mother figure of the Nac Mac Feegle.

Anonymous said...

I've also heard that it may be by women, for women, as an explanation of pregnancy. Which is why there isn't a face, since the holder or wearer is the face looking at her own body.