Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Itty bitty tailfeathers
The eaglets in DC have left their fuzzy puff stage behind and are well into the awkward weeks. I thought earlier that one was bigger than the other and immediately worried that the little one might lose out. But they both look good! What good parents they have.

Power in the sky
Severe thunderstorm weather came and went last night. Just noisy and rainy where we are luckily. The clouds in the evening before it arrived were amazing. It looked as though we were on the bottom of the ocean watching the underside of the waves. Nod squoze the second car into the garage because big hail had been reported with this stormline. I admired his accomplishment because there are not many spare inches when both cars are in.

What it takes
Thinking about housing and the Utah accomplishment of dramatically reducing their chronically homeless population. They have good results for keeping people in housing for 2 years or more. It sounds as though it requires a lot of social worker time and effort. Apparently it's still cheaper than dealing with the ER visits and crisis intervention when people remain living 'out in the wild'. I think that as this planet gets more crowded we are going to need to recognize and cultivate those who are good people herders. Some of us need a little help now and then. Some of us need a lot of help most of the time.

The Big Short is a great movie. It's based on a great book and the movie makers deliver with entertainment, information and a message about what our country values. Oddballs in finance could be an alternate title. Here's to more people learning what mortgage loan tranches are and can we please have banking and investment reform now? Our 12 year old was interested throughout despite the language and the strippers. Her favorite joke was when one of the investors said that collections of mortgages not losing value when the mortgages themselves were failing all over the place was like 2 + 2 = Fish. Nod says we're raising skeptical anti-capitalists. Heck yeah. You need to know what goes on in this big world and decide what you think is a good life. Don't get taken in by a shiny package.

Heh -- just learned that the director of The Big Short also directed Ant Man and the Anchorman movies. Seems like we like him. He also directed Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and Daddy's Home so I will not be delving into the full catalog.


Zhoen said...

It's actually not so great here, the PR much better than the reality on the ground. Old mayor really selling his 'accomplishments' that didn't work. New mayor still getting a program up and running. The idea, though, is good. Get folks in housing, help them stay there. But the central shelter, the Road Home, has become a very dangerous area, as the criminals who prey on the vulnerable know where to find them. Mental health care is limited, as is rehab for a decades long meth problem, and minimal funding for it all.

Sorry, getting carried away. Feel free to delete comment.

Nimble said...

No, I value a good reality check. I was too quick to accept the rose colored glasses version. I do like the idea of getting someone housing and *then* proceeding to help them deal with other chronic conditions.
Drug rehab is so often cited as a pressing need. We could use a billionaire to take that one on as their cause.

Zhoen said...

We're nearly at ground zero, really the overflow neighborhoods that the homeless and their predators, move into. Three apartment buildings on our block that are for low income/subsidized folks, two of which are fine (now) one that is still a magnet for drugs. The VOA young homeless men's shelter is well run and welcome. That the old mayor takes so much credit while the problem has been worsening is very unhappy.