Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Up and Down Date

Aging out
Youngest is now 12 years old. She reminded me that in our nuclear family we have birthdays in March, April, May and... November. We got Nod launched into the 50s and Bun is now the pre-teenest. I've just done the arithmetic to confirm that I am turning 49 in May and there's no going back. Kat will turn the wise old age of 15 in November. In the next few weeks I need to get her and her birth certificate to the DMV office to obtain a learner's permit finally.

I was out sick Monday which surprised me. I thought I'd take the morning off and sleep in, then get there for at least half a day. I had been up in the night with cramps. But despite staying in bed in the morning, I could neither sleep nor be entirely awake and alert. I worried about everyone before they left the house, I hope they appreciated that. Got up and dressed. Planned to run two errands, then go in to the office. Found that I was still squinting vacantly at the world and there wasn't enough brain functioning to go to work. I went home and finally was able to sleep (thank Morpheus!) on the couch. Tottered around for the rest of the afternoon. Slept fully that night, more gratitude. Nod helpfully told me that insomnia is a common symptom of menopause. I told him that menstrual cramp pain and menopausal insomnia made for quite a mixed message.

Early spring weed ID
Help with identifying three common plants in this region. I call all these purply weeds henbit and that's wrong. I'm going to try to learn and do better.

Two Lamiaceae

Hard Scrabble
Had a desperate family bout of Scrabble last night. Bun and Nod collaborated and he howled in disappointment each time Kat took the spot he had been eyeing. That Kat girl then proceeded to whale on me in a rematch round in which she played all 7 tiles (AMOUNTS) for a cool 50 point bonus. Who taught her to play word games?!


Zhoen said...

Try veronica, see if that matches your weed. They tend to green up and bloom very early, then disappear. The leaves I can see also look a bit like mint.

Minnie said...

This spring we've had an especially good crop of a similar purple-flowered plant. I've been calling it dead nettle. Just now I looked it up and found that dead nettle (Lamium purpureum)and henbit (Lamium amplexicaule)are kin. The leaves of dead nettle are stalked, while those of henbit are not. I'll have to go out in the morning light and look for stems. It's non-native and can be invasive.