Monday, April 25, 2016


Here's our coffee table lab enjoying the green and beautiful weather. She's mostly barrel chest. Her gallop is sort of a rocking horse movement as her hindquarters try to catch up.

Sixth grade band performances, With my advanced age parental wisdom I've learned to appreciate them. Bun did a good job with the trombone section. She seemed happy with the performance. I dutifully collected the brochure for the rent-to-own instruments. But found out that they only have one standard trombone size! What is my teeny tooter to do? I asked the band director for guidance. She didn't think it was a problem, offered to have the instrument guy bring one by the school so Bun can try it. That should give us a better idea.

Whipped through Japanland by Karin Muller over the weekend. I remembered reading reviews about it when it came out in '06. Anyone who's lived in a foreign culture for a while can relate to many of her experiences. I am still puzzled about why she stayed so long in the Tokyo suburb with the family that was such a bad fit for her. In fact many of her motivations escaped me but that's acceptable. Lots of interesting idioms and moments that I liked. I wonder if our Japan traveler will read it.

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