Tuesday, May 24, 2016


This poem is sweetness. And the big sky picture takes it up even higher.

Schmutzie also poses a vocabulary challenge, the sort of puzzle I love. Is there one word that touches on empathy and consideration?  If so I haven't thought of it yet. The concept she describes is accepting a person and truly listening even during difficult exchanges. It reminds me of the feeling I get from the Buddhist loving kindness prayer. May all beings be safe.

I've fallen into a blog called BitchesGottaEat and I may not come out again.

We're going to a family outdoor concert to see Florence and the Machine tonight. It's been raining off and on. But now I see sunlight. The last hour by hour forecast I looked at held steady at 30% chance all night. Gotta roll those dice and see what happens.

I'm intrigued by the concept of this game, Lanterns: the Harvest Festival. Mr. Wheaton describes it as strategically interesting to experienced players while at the same time being very easy to teach to newcomers. And pretty colors! It's $25 on the amzn so not a casual decision.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Flying practice

The DC eaglets are suddenly huge. I watched the near eaglet hopping back and forth trying out its wings. Then there was some up and down hopping with flapping, that bird is getting ready!

© 2016 American Eagle Foundation, EAGLES.ORG

This TED talk by Dr. Sarah Hallberg tells about reversing the effects of Type 2 diabetes with a low carb diet. She adopted this high fat/low carb diet for herself as well as prescribing it for her patients. She says she still bakes but uses coconut flour or nut flour in place of grain flours. Sigh. I applaud her efforts at using food to reverse the effects of a disorder caused by food. I can imagine someday giving up sugar (I wonder if I will go through withdrawal) but cannot imagine giving up all grains and potatoes and depending on coconuts.

Mmm, clouds! Nice blog post about a new type of cloud described by participants in the Cloud Appreciation Society. A lot of those photos remind me of the sky I watched as a storm rolled in recently. I still love seeing air as a liquid.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Can do

UPDATED to add link for buying these in sticker form. I still like to read them all together. Ah.

Go Outdoor
I think anyone with a cute tolerance needs to see this quick guide to a good life:  Gale Galligan 3x5.
Saw it on the tkingfisher tumblr. I wish she was selling $10-or-less prints, I would buy some.

I made terrible coffee this morning. Now I feel that I am owed better coffee over lunch. I think the grounds must have been leftover from the previous day. Nod makes coffee with day-old grounds all the time but I think it tastes stale and blah. I don't mind adding to the grounds if a pot's just been made the same morning. But some time after hour 3 the magic evaporates.

Many Milks
I have switched to soy milk for my morning cereal. I put 2% in my coffee. I also bought whole milk in the glass bottle at oldest child's request. I have an old container of buttermilk in the back of the fridge. Need to cut down, man.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Movers and shakers

Sweet confirmation and a photo of the land lobster! Terrestrial crayfish are intriguing.

Spent Mother's Day finishing the biography of Douglas Bader, Reach For the Sky. I believe I heard of him via Box-Elder. My impression of the WWII RAF aces was pretty diffuse, I didn't know any individuals. It's quite a story, losing both legs in a crash that happened because of a stupid dare. Learning to walk -- without a stick -- on two artificial legs. And dance, and golf. Accepted back to the RAF and back to flying because of the start of war and of course his excellent skills. He survived another crash *because* he didn't have legs. It may also have saved him in the crash over France where he was taken prisoner by the Germans. He ran into David Niven a couple of times too.

The quiet day of reading was facilitated by rain. Softly falling from noon on. Did our weekend in the right order with sunshine and outings on Saturday, sleeping in and reading punctuated by laundry on Sunday.

The latest Marvel movie started slow but ended well. I told my husband I was kind of sick of Capt. America's hood with the 'A' on it. He told me to shut my blaspheming mouth. I think it's a comic book thing. I was surprised that there hasn't been talk of spoilers for this one. It's because it would be hard to spoil. There's no big reveals just a whole bunch of things happening and strands weaving together. The first third is full of angsty superheroes, my least favorite kind. Most of them buck up as events unfold.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016


So many good things accomplished recently. Topped up my tire air pressure and got gas. Got the groceries. Mowed the front. Got kid to her audition and callbacks (it's pay-to-play theatre so everybody gets called back). Rescheduled and then cancelled the weekly music lessons. Confirmed that our dear pet sitter can step in for us over Mem. Day weekend while we're in Texas.

Why do I have yuck in the back of my sinuses? My head aches if I lean over too far. Current theory: allergies. I have a trip to the drugstore planned so I can get more genericzyr. And try to return a prescription.

The Last Policeman was a good read. Told my husband not to ever read it. The synopsis for Battlestar Galactica made him too sad to watch the reboot. The remnants of the human race escaping from a destroyed earth just depressed him too much to enjoy the space opera. Not me! The book is a good mix of apocalyptic, noir, and police procedural.

Maybe I'd rather imagine an apocalypse different than the one we're living through. I am sad that we are killing the coral and the 'charismatic megafauna'. I can't even type that without weeping. I suppose the adaptive species will fill in, the ones that can skirt human development.


Just read that as the Rep nominee, Trump will get classified intelligence briefing(s?) before the election.  http://www.faqs.org/espionage/Pa-Po/Politics-the-Briefings-of-United-States-Presidential-Candidates.html

Monday, May 2, 2016


Hairy flowers
The poppies have popped and are gorgeous along the back fenceline. Such hairy plants. Thinking about weeds dislodged a memory of our backyard in Oakland where the previous tenant had a powerful green thumb. Our doula was happy to see borage growing and had me use it in soothing sitz baths postpartum. I told her to come pick whenever she wanted. It also has soft hairy leaves and flowers. I'm sure it would grow in the Kansas summer, wonder if it would be discouraged by a long cold winter.

Image result for borage flower

Goodness there are a lot of Bernie Gunther books. Not sure I need to be a completist here.

Get yer skates on
Neighbor Suzy texted me on Saturday for a run. I moaned and groaned and put on my kit. Good to get out in the air and work up a sweat. Maybe I can do that again tonight. In addition to the groceries run. Tomorrow is a mow day.

Bun went through the audition process on Sunday for the summer youth musical. It required some bravery. Sounds like it went very well. Parents were not invited so we nervously chatted in the waiting room. I admired the young woman who managed the process and told everyone where to go without yapping or bellowing at anyone. Callbacks tonight, cast list will be posted later this week I think.