Thursday, May 12, 2016

Can do

UPDATED to add link for buying these in sticker form. I still like to read them all together. Ah.

Go Outdoor
I think anyone with a cute tolerance needs to see this quick guide to a good life:  Gale Galligan 3x5.
Saw it on the tkingfisher tumblr. I wish she was selling $10-or-less prints, I would buy some.

I made terrible coffee this morning. Now I feel that I am owed better coffee over lunch. I think the grounds must have been leftover from the previous day. Nod makes coffee with day-old grounds all the time but I think it tastes stale and blah. I don't mind adding to the grounds if a pot's just been made the same morning. But some time after hour 3 the magic evaporates.

Many Milks
I have switched to soy milk for my morning cereal. I put 2% in my coffee. I also bought whole milk in the glass bottle at oldest child's request. I have an old container of buttermilk in the back of the fridge. Need to cut down, man.


Lucy said...

That's the kind of cute I don't mind tolerating!

Soya cooking cream is great, much lighter and more adaptable than the dairy stuff, with the bonus that it's healthier and morally better.

Nimble said...

That is a food product I have not encountered, I'll have to keep my eyes open.