Monday, May 2, 2016


Hairy flowers
The poppies have popped and are gorgeous along the back fenceline. Such hairy plants. Thinking about weeds dislodged a memory of our backyard in Oakland where the previous tenant had a powerful green thumb. Our doula was happy to see borage growing and had me use it in soothing sitz baths postpartum. I told her to come pick whenever she wanted. It also has soft hairy leaves and flowers. I'm sure it would grow in the Kansas summer, wonder if it would be discouraged by a long cold winter.

Image result for borage flower

Goodness there are a lot of Bernie Gunther books. Not sure I need to be a completist here.

Get yer skates on
Neighbor Suzy texted me on Saturday for a run. I moaned and groaned and put on my kit. Good to get out in the air and work up a sweat. Maybe I can do that again tonight. In addition to the groceries run. Tomorrow is a mow day.

Bun went through the audition process on Sunday for the summer youth musical. It required some bravery. Sounds like it went very well. Parents were not invited so we nervously chatted in the waiting room. I admired the young woman who managed the process and told everyone where to go without yapping or bellowing at anyone. Callbacks tonight, cast list will be posted later this week I think.


Zhoen said...

Ah, a fellow poppy fan. Borage is considered a cover crop, I keep looking for it for that use. Put in Lambs Ear, which is also pleasantly furry.

Courage is an underrated virtue these days.

Nimble said...

We have big red-orange poppies on the fenceline. I like California poppies too. Lambs ear is a lovely fuzzy plant. I never thought of classifying plants by their furriness before...