Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Flying practice

The DC eaglets are suddenly huge. I watched the near eaglet hopping back and forth trying out its wings. Then there was some up and down hopping with flapping, that bird is getting ready!

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This TED talk by Dr. Sarah Hallberg tells about reversing the effects of Type 2 diabetes with a low carb diet. She adopted this high fat/low carb diet for herself as well as prescribing it for her patients. She says she still bakes but uses coconut flour or nut flour in place of grain flours. Sigh. I applaud her efforts at using food to reverse the effects of a disorder caused by food. I can imagine someday giving up sugar (I wonder if I will go through withdrawal) but cannot imagine giving up all grains and potatoes and depending on coconuts.

Mmm, clouds! Nice blog post about a new type of cloud described by participants in the Cloud Appreciation Society. A lot of those photos remind me of the sky I watched as a storm rolled in recently. I still love seeing air as a liquid.


Zhoen said...

My Dylan has gone low carb, and his blood sugars are very well controlled. He's lost 30 lbs, and sleeps better.

Nimble said...

Good to hear! I love that so much can be done to help so many conditions with diet and physical therapy.