Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Movers and shakers

Sweet confirmation and a photo of the land lobster! Terrestrial crayfish are intriguing.

Spent Mother's Day finishing the biography of Douglas Bader, Reach For the Sky. I believe I heard of him via Box-Elder. My impression of the WWII RAF aces was pretty diffuse, I didn't know any individuals. It's quite a story, losing both legs in a crash that happened because of a stupid dare. Learning to walk -- without a stick -- on two artificial legs. And dance, and golf. Accepted back to the RAF and back to flying because of the start of war and of course his excellent skills. He survived another crash *because* he didn't have legs. It may also have saved him in the crash over France where he was taken prisoner by the Germans. He ran into David Niven a couple of times too.

The quiet day of reading was facilitated by rain. Softly falling from noon on. Did our weekend in the right order with sunshine and outings on Saturday, sleeping in and reading punctuated by laundry on Sunday.

The latest Marvel movie started slow but ended well. I told my husband I was kind of sick of Capt. America's hood with the 'A' on it. He told me to shut my blaspheming mouth. I think it's a comic book thing. I was surprised that there hasn't been talk of spoilers for this one. It's because it would be hard to spoil. There's no big reveals just a whole bunch of things happening and strands weaving together. The first third is full of angsty superheroes, my least favorite kind. Most of them buck up as events unfold.


Zhoen said...

RAF guys are proof that the rules really don't apply to some people.

Nimble said...

Pilots may still be a different variety of humans. One of the anecdotes was about a fellow pilot who was testing a new plane. He blacked out from lack of O2 and came to zooming toward the ground. He had just enough room to pull out and not crash. It makes me shake my head but I think they loved those near misses.

Lucy said...

Funny, I don't remember mentioning him, but I might have done I suppose. So much part of our growing up years mythology, and Tom being ex-RAF ground crew a bit later.