Wednesday, May 4, 2016


So many good things accomplished recently. Topped up my tire air pressure and got gas. Got the groceries. Mowed the front. Got kid to her audition and callbacks (it's pay-to-play theatre so everybody gets called back). Rescheduled and then cancelled the weekly music lessons. Confirmed that our dear pet sitter can step in for us over Mem. Day weekend while we're in Texas.

Why do I have yuck in the back of my sinuses? My head aches if I lean over too far. Current theory: allergies. I have a trip to the drugstore planned so I can get more genericzyr. And try to return a prescription.

The Last Policeman was a good read. Told my husband not to ever read it. The synopsis for Battlestar Galactica made him too sad to watch the reboot. The remnants of the human race escaping from a destroyed earth just depressed him too much to enjoy the space opera. Not me! The book is a good mix of apocalyptic, noir, and police procedural.

Maybe I'd rather imagine an apocalypse different than the one we're living through. I am sad that we are killing the coral and the 'charismatic megafauna'. I can't even type that without weeping. I suppose the adaptive species will fill in, the ones that can skirt human development.


Just read that as the Rep nominee, Trump will get classified intelligence briefing(s?) before the election.

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