Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Graze Snuffle Grunt

From a Metafilter thread asking for recommended long form ambient videos, a three hour video of bison grazing at Yellowstone.

A what liqueur?
David Lebovitz makes a cocktail called the Chin Up with some overly fancy gin and an Italian artichoke liqueur. Oh DL, you lost me at the artichoke. I like the name but I won't ever drink a Chin Up.

Hand made
I have looked at many recipes for homemade pizza. I am an okay baker. I have made good bread before. But I haven't ever attempted pizza from scratch. Here's another recipe to read. It remains to be seen if I will pull that trigger.


Lucy said...

I enjoyed the bison, and got quite a long way with a rather tedious knitting border for about 20 minutes. Must admit I fast forwarded a few times, then even scrolled back when I realised I hadn't been paying attention and missed the ending.

There was a 3 hr long film on last Christmas of a reindeer sledge ride amongst the Sami people, no soundtrack other than the ambient noises and a bit of indigenous chatter, and just a few bits of information written on screen. Very relaxing.

The Nag said...

I usually buy dough for pizza at an Italian deli but would like to make my own. This recipe looks good and I've pinned it to try when I have the time. I've also seen a two ingredient recipe using only self-rising flour and Greek yogurt that has piqued my curiosity.