Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Hot to trot
I've let the bingo wings get a little too wobbly and now it's time for corrective measures. I managed some cheater pushups and planks last week and will continue. I jogged on Monday morning before I am usually out of bed. I am still waiting for some rush of exercise-provoked energy. Stupid hot is the forecast for the next two days. So if I jog it has to be first thing again. Stupid hot coincides with longest days this month anyway so that should work.

My belly deserves its own paragraph. I keep finding it sticking out, sitting on my lap and am tired of it. My paternal grandmother had a belly that stuck out and she wore a girdle when she got dressed up. As practical as that solution is I find I have no interest in Spanx, the modern girdle. I wonder if the planks etc. can have any effect. Or is it my dowager's gut?

Fully fledged
They're out. The DC Eaglecam site says that the two younguns left the nest on the 5th and 9th of June. I saw one bird earlier today when I checked Cam B. With the light behind it I couldn't see much detail. I think it was an eaglet. I am relieved that they got through the most vulnerable time of their lives.

Nursing kits
As much cannot be said for the baby bunnies in our front yard, six feet from our front steps. I was getting ready to pick K up last evening but stopped when I saw mama bunny through the front door window. She was nursing. I've been told that only lasts a few minutes a day for wild rabbits and I couldn't bear to interrupt. There was another adult rabbit nearby. Rabbits don't go about in mated pairs do they? I was held hostage by rabbits until she covered the kits back up and I felt I could disrupt the scene.

I'm quite tired of the news cycle even though lord knows I don't expose myself to much of it. I wish we could get reporters to hold off for a week so the investigation could actually advance before more comment. I'm told by friends of friends that the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence are two effective groups to donate to.

Portal death
" In those days, even in European countries, death had a solemn social importance. It was not regarded as a moment when certain bodily organs ceased to function, but as a dramatic climax, a moment when the soul made its entrance into the next world, passing in full consciousness through a lowly door to an unimaginable scene. Among the watchers there was always the hope that the dying man might reveal something of whaqt he alone could see; that his countenance, if not his lips, would speak, and on his features would fall some light or shadow from beyond. The "Last Words" of great men, Napoleon, Lord Byron, were still printed in gift-books, and the dying murmurs of every common man and woman were listened for an treasured by their neighbours and kinsfolk. These sayings, no matter how unimportant, were given oracular significance and pondered by those who must one day go the same road. "

From Death Comes for the Archbishop by Willa Cather. It was enjoyable for the descriptions of the 1800s New Mexican landscape and culture-scape. But far too uncritical of the church missionary fathers and their work. I enjoyed handling the copy I got from the univ library that was printed on rag paper and had checkout stamps going back to the 1970s.


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"Bingo wings"--hee!

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it is the best name for flab evah!