Friday, June 3, 2016


New horizons
Eaglets are up on branches! I had to switch to Cam B when I didn't see them both in A. I was wondering how restrictive the nest was for them now that they have significant wingspan. Now they can sulk with some distance between them rather than jostling every time they turn around. I wonder how it feels to spend so much time in one spot and then get the drive to fly. So happy to see them spread out.

Done mowed
Mowed the last two evenings so we are no longer in danger of being lost in the jungle. It was hard and I am a boss. I found a round fuzzy item in the tall grass and was relieved it was an old tennis ball and not a baby bunny. Hope to move on to different evening amusements for a few days.

River rising
I hear that there is more flooding in Texas. The Lake Travis beach where we swam has been closed because levels have risen to the parking lots. Oklahoma was the greenest I've ever seen it. Lots of lush grass that made it seem inevitable to have cows. Why wouldn't you have cows with all that grass? Texas was largely covered in wildflowers.

Nod created a chore chart and it is causing wonder and awe amongst us. The first day back from our trip we told the kids what we expected them to do before we got home from work. They didn't and there was a certain amount of wailing/gnashing until it got done. Since then they are accomplishing the listed daily stuff. I still don't understand how the weekly items are indicated.

I remembered that the cat was out at 3am this morning. She shot out when I was bringing in groceries about 9:30p and I closed the door behind her. She ran in pretty sharpish when I called at 3. Argh. Maybe I need a checklist before bed: two kids, two pets. I'll only need the fingers on one hand to count them.


Zhoen said...

As long as you remember where all the kids are.

Nimble said...

It has gotten more challenging with the 8th grade sleepover schedule.