Thursday, June 16, 2016

Outside and Inside

Photo related ideas to share from Ursula Vernon
Ladybug project to evaluate the changes in distribution of different species. You can help by sending photos of ladybugs with time/date, location and habitat.

A post that posits a cyber-arm to eliminate shakiness when using a highly magnified lens. I love this idea so much. Not that I want my arm to be replaced but just the idea of a non-weaponized robot arm. Yay!

Ack so so sorry
I think I stepped on a baby bunny when I got out of my car just now at home. I heard a screech and then nothing. I walked around the car but didn't see any critter or bird in distress so I went in the house. When I came back out, baby bunny was in the corner of the lawn right by my car door. It flinched as I approached but stayed low to the ground. It looked intact. I got around it and didn't try to bother it. So upsetting, I thought of it all afternoon. I was relieved to get back home and not find it in the same spot. These bunnies are going to kill me.

Inside time
I'm excited that Love & Friendship is still playing at our downtown arthouse cinema. This weekend will bring excellent conditions for spending time in an air conditioned theater. Now to scare up another comedy of manners girly film appreciator.


Zhoen said...

Joining the Ladybug project.

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: )