Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Something that makes you glad

I learned something about my spouse this week. He planted some of the starter plants we bought on Father's Day from our favorite farm store. When he came in afterwards he was in a mighty snit and bringing up random injustices he had suffered from us all. But as he calmed down, lo and behold he got to what was bringing all this on. He hates to be muddy. He hates having his hands in the wet dirt to get the plants in. This was a wonderful discovery because he could take immediate steps to feel better (wash, change clothes) and he can delegate the mud parts to me or to the kids who don't mind an occasional wallow. And the world got a little better.

We planted the rest of the starters in the front. Nod and the girls had a good time with his crazy watering wand hose attachment. I think it may be better for splashing your sister across the yard than for watering the plants.

I find having the plants in the ground very cheerful. We'll see if we can get them through the hot stuff. The weather forecast is: keep watering.

Via Nag I followed a link to the Winged Lion etsy store with beautiful jewelry including of course a winged lion, bees and a pomegranate pendant. I'm liking their ring designs and am mooning over this one. Must stop looking at vintagey rings...

EMK is fussing this month. A quote that I very much like:  let loose and see what happens when you express yourself and then shape it into something unique that makes you glad.

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