Monday, June 6, 2016


Spuds ahoy
"You’ve planted early, hilled carefully, cultivated and fertilized. Your potato plants are full and healthy. Now you’re wondering when to harvest potatoes you’ve so carefully tended."

Or in my case, "You've been throwing veg scraps into your compost pile for 20 months now. At some point you must have included some viable potatoes because there are happy green potato vines exploding from the front of the bin." I considered trying to transplant them into the garden and then realized that the leaves and stems were too big and I would only rip up the plants. Better to leave them where they are clearly having a good time.

The short answer from the site linked above is a) after the tops of the vines have withered and b) before the first frost. So I'll be dodging around the potato plants as I throw more scraps in the bin this summer.

My peppermint has taken hold in the front so the herbal project currently consists of thyme and mint. Very useful even if I can only get those two to go. Planted some zinnia seeds too and they have sprouted, I'm looking forward to them. I continue to pull out all the moonflower upstarts except for the biggie in the back by the house. I weeded a little and was rewarded when I saw a toad hop. Happy to know it's there. I will need to water as we have finally been given a sweet sunny high pressure system.

A couple of recent things that grabbed me at the Mole blog. This one is quite gentle. This one is more uncomfortable. His writing has a lot about watching the cycles of the earth and feeling more or less included in them.


Zhoen said...

Love having thyme and mint in the front garden, smells wonderful.

Lucy said...

I rarely set out to plant potatoes, but enjoy the serendipity of the ones that plant themselves, and often give them some encouragement. Those potatoes are the best ever to eat.

Nimble said...

I'm sure I could make up something very silly about serendipitous potatoes and their positive auras.