Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Update Me

Witchy fairy
Florence was delightful, there was no rain, and the ground was not as muddy as I expected. Sadly we had a miscommunication that resulted in K running off to find her own spot to watch the concert and being AWOL for the entire thing. Nod lost his mind and wasn't able to enjoy the performance while Kid 1 was possibly lying in a ditch. She trotted back after the finale and before the first encore. He cried, she cried, I tried to stay out of it. I guess it's all better now. Florence and her machinists gave great show. If she is not consciously working magic on her audiences then I think it's happening under a very thin surface.

Road trip
We went to Texas! and came back! I got to bed early last night and needed it. So many people on the highways of Tejas, it's a challenging environment. The weather cooperated after we got out of Kansas which last week was concentrating on storming. Highlights: a great swim in Lake Travis, some fine tacos and good visits with old friends. The Alamo is still there but I'd recommend going in the winter rather than on a hot summer holiday afternoon.

So mow
The grass it is so damn tall
Even in the front
Where I mowed most recently

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