Friday, July 1, 2016

A Big Day

On Thursday we got up at 4:30 am ish and got our 14 year old out to the airport to meet with her travel group by 6. We hugged and took some photos and headed back to town.

My 12 year old and I went to lunch with my mother-in-law. Then we dropped Bun off at the arts center for her dress rehearsal call. MIL and I chilled out until it was time for Bun's break at 3:30. She had to go back for a 5:30 call for opening night performance at 7.

Nod came home from work and told me that it was very important to him to watch the opening night performance sitting next to me. I only bought two tickets for each evening performance thinking we could take turns going with his mother who drove 700 miles to see her grandkids and us. I was able to buy another ticket which left grandma sitting in the top row and Nod and I in row D. I am feeling guilty about this and sorry for hurting MIL's feelings. Tonight will hopefully make up for it. Ugh. Why can't I manage everyone else's feelings successfully all the time?

The performance was sweet. The dance interludes were adorable. I am amazed they can pull a musical together in a month. There was even live music!!! An upright bass, drum set and a keyboard/synth played by the music director. Bun did a great job. I find myself projecting while I watch her, wondering how the song or the scene feels. Nod is slayed by seeing her sing on stage. A triumph of a kids' show!

Kat emailed to say that she was in Japan and eating seaweed salad. Wishing good adventures for the whole group.

You have much joy in your life right now says my coworker.

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