Tuesday, July 12, 2016


What a weepy week. So much to cry about.

We got our kid back from her big trip. She's not quite over jet lag yet but isn't completely nocturnal either. I'm happy I get to see and interact with her for part of the day.

Got some things ready for our Japanese houseguests starting 7/26. Got some more to do. Worrying intermittently about feeding and entertaining them. Will involve other family members to worry or reassure as they can.

Scrubbed the kitchen floor as part of the house spiffening. Also because I was tired of the stickiness. It is very nice to walk across on bare feet now. But the scrubbing was hard and my hands got tired and I was pooped afterwards. I'm lucky to have a spouse who insisted that I eat something and then whisked me off to jump in a pond. We had it almost all to ourselves and it felt good.

Yogging has been on hiatus for a few days. No morning opps this week, maybe I'll get to the indoor track again.

I've got no novel and it's getting to me. Nod gave me a Dortmunder and I enjoyed that a lot. How could I have missed him? There are a slew of them too, lots of consolation there.

Another list of good stuff to entertain us is this best comedies of the 2000's from the AV Club. So many that are tantalizing me and others that I greet with glee and am happy to see appreciated.


CJ said...

Read about your clean kitchen floor on Belgian Waffling and had to come and be impressed. Am working up to cleaning mine too. All in good time. The pond sounds blissful. I fear my tiny garden puddle wouldn't have the same effect.

Nimble said...

Wishing clean floors to all the world. They are tragically short lived phenomena. We had to drive out to get to the pond. If I had it on my own property I would split my time between vast smugness and worrying about pond maintenance. I hope you get to take a plunge one way or another.