Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Into July

Youngest did great on stage for Beauty and the Beast. She had a wonderful time with her friends backstage too. Which stirs up all sorts of happy memories for me. Bun has been singing Hamilton songs for a few weeks so I'm riding her coattails to that fandom as well. Yay musicals!

Updates and photos continue to come in every few days from Kat and the chaperones. I just emailed her so she'll know we haven't forgotten about her. We pick her up Sunday afternoon. I miss her but find I'm experiencing less separation anxiety than when she went to camp in 5th grade. She's got more tools now and is with friends.

4th - we got a couple of other families to join us on the levee for fireworks watching. It started at 9:45 which is late for me. And it involved getting stuck on one side of the river while traffic empties out afterward. I would like a fireworks experience I can casually drop in on. I'll have to work on that.

We're going through watermelon, berries and stone fruit just as fast as we can. But regret = finding a 2# box of strawberries back in the lowest back corner of the fridge when they are fuzzy and past the point of no return. Boo.

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