Tuesday, July 26, 2016

July intensity

All the DNC update you need is Luvvie's convo about Uncle Bernie's hair game. Or maybe that's just me. I am not listening to coverage from this convention either because speeches usually leave me arguing back at the radio/tv. But from the Michelle Obama highlights I heard this morning I might go back and listen to her piece.

The Ozarks were beautiful. The roads were windy, the vistas gorgeous, and the water was clear at Beaver Dam Lake. We visited a cave and squeed at the cuteness that is Eureka Springs AR. We deplored the Loser Flag we saw here and there. But we were cheered at the unexpected rainbows. I am betting there is a good boxfull of novels set in Eureka Springs, I'll have to research the subject. I discovered that I am not a natural kayaker. Nonetheless I would kayak again. I saw a leetle snake swim out of the lake up onto shore with a 2" minnow in its jaws. I admired many Spicebush Swallowtail butterflies. It was hot and I am glad to be home.

We pick up our Japanese guests tonight. The house is as ready as it gets and we are excited. The county fair ought to provide some good essence of USA.

Being the lazy cave dweller that I am, I am looking forward to August when I get to retreat and not do anything extra for a while.

Oldest has made it onto the far high school's rolls because I spoke with a band coordinator and got updates about student orientation for freshmen. She told me yesterday that she's not excited about practicing to get better at snares and would rather drop band. I asked her to do it freshman year and then see. We parents think she would be a kick ass drumline member but if that's not what she wants then I can't see forcing the issue.

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Joolie said...

I'm totally stealing "Loser Flag."