Thursday, July 7, 2016


Yesterday was an unexpectedly gentle summer day. Thunder and rain came around dawn, making the plants happy. It made me happy too as I had mowed the front (after having almost a month off from my lawn mowing hobby) the night before. At noon it was breezy and in the high eighties, not nearly as steamy and muggyhot as we had been promised. Today also started with thunderstorms so again no watering is necessary. We may achieve truly muggy conditions later on.

Nod and I are going to drop off the Subaru this evening and then head to the pagan skinny dipping pond. I'm looking forward to jumping off the floating dock.

Last night I was terribly efficient and after jogging on the indoor track I zipped to the library for a presentation on the microbiology of our water treatment plant. Happily the library A/C was performing so my post-run sweatiness didn't overwhelm me or the other attendees. A very peppy microbiologist spoke about the parts of a basic microscope and collecting equipment and how to look for interesting critters collected from puddles, ponds, etc. She gave us a rough sketch of germ theory and the emergence of treating water sources and sewage treatment. Water treatment (with some form of chlorine) gave immediate health benefits once it was used routinely after 1920ish. Sewage treatment didn't become widespread in the US until 1948 when a federal effort gave money and expertise to cities to develop wastewater treatment plants. I hadn't realized it was so recent.

Here's Renee's Microscopic Adventures tumblr which gives you a sense of her pep and contains some great critter pictures.

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