Friday, July 29, 2016


Very tired. Drinking my black tea and yawning at my afternoon desk. One more night of hosting. We'll do some activities on Saturday then have early dinner and get them to their airport hotel by 7pm. Then we're done, I think. Some people are going to the airport Sunday morning to see the visitors off but I think that represents more dedication than I can muster.

I think I hit my marks and made the food and washed the things and it's okay. Our guests are sweet but not very outgoing. I wish I could find my world atlas so we could have the map-based talk of my dreams.

The DNC lifted my mood more than I expected. The emphasis on public service felt like an oasis.


Edited to add: Sewage line backup in our basement on Friday afternoon. Nod sounded the alarm and the program coordinator found spots for the visitors to sleep that night since we didn't know if we could stay in the house. Owner (I am trying to find a new word for landlord/landlady) responded right quick, got plumber to show at 8pm and snake the tree roots. "This happens every two years or so." Hmm. She got the mess cleaned up in the basement with Tide and bleach. All better by 9:30.

Got the visitors back the next day and Nod took them to the lake and then got them to their airport hotel. I would like to take a vacation now and in fact will take Tuesday off to exercise and unwind.

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