Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Onward and upward

Adventure university: there sure are a lot of students. The big wave is underway. More fun than not so far.

Adventure high school: they don't actually use their lockers, just shlep everything in backpacks. K has plenty of classes with older students. Will K ride the bus or get a ride from a friend's family? Who knows? She's managing it so far. First self description essay of the year completed. Boy, I hated those assignments. Do we need to buy a new snare drum?

Adventure middle school: B will pick up her ipad today (I assume the district has insurance). Auditions for show choir were yesterday (she's a shoe-in). Walking two blocks to get to school is still a good deal.


Zhoen said...

Something I never thought of then, that I would do now, is fictionalize any essay. Lie, in short. Much more interesting.

Nimble said...

Yes, I think English teachers would do well to explain that writing can equal lying in an interesting fashion. There is no reason for a 14 y.o. to feel that she has to bare her soul to the instructor or the class in order to complete an assignment.

Lucy said...

Kids from the age of 10 here were found to be carrying up to 10kg of books in their backpacks. Bad news for their still developing skeletons. They started making backpacks on wheels, rather like old fashioned shoppers, and succeeded in persuading them they really were quite cool and not too dorky, so now they trundle them round in those instead.