Wednesday, August 10, 2016


Oldest woke up with a painful sore throat and fever. Doesn't want to go see a doctor. I've asked her to gargle with hot salt water and take acetaminophen. Guess I'll run home at lunch to check to see if I can tell if it's strep.

Give him enough rope and stand back. Seems to be working. I am doing some news dieting and it's a good thing. Even if I don't want any video or audio I do love this turn of phrase from commenter David C. "He knows about as much about governing as a pig knows about Sundays."

Nod wants to go camping this weekend and see if we can see any of the Perseid meteors. I am sad to cancel a haircut appointment. But would love to see some stars. hm.

Here's where I confess my fanlove of a long interview by Emma Watson of Lin Manuel Miranda from March 2016. There are 4 videos. If you just want to see them sort Hamilton characters in to the Hogwarts houses go directly to #4. I watched the first one again with Bun whose eyes glazed over almost immediately. I enjoy being in that hotel room with two people so admiring of each other and fired up about art, with the NYC traffic and sirens dimly audible. "My job is to be in love." Wow, what a job.

I got my copy of the soundtrack and have enjoyed listening to the entire play in order for a change. Bun has her favorite six tracks and we heard a lot of those over and over. is good scrolling too even if I am not likely to pop up in Times Square any time soon.

I am interested in C Newman's nacho cheese sauce recipe.

Tried a Campion mystery recently. It had a great opening chapter, I was tickled. But along the way it threw in lots of racist stereotypes and the ending was oh so silly. Don't think I'll be going back.

Dramatic history of Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania.

Am filing this link to a fanfic site found via matociquala:

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Zhoen said...

Ah, sorry about the Campion, most are not like that. Some are, though. I prefer Ngaio Marsh generally.