Thursday, August 25, 2016

Stormy hermits

Glarey yellow light first thing this morning. But no tornado, just a gullywasher on the way to work. We had wind gusts before the storm hit last night. Hail on the west side of town, just hard rain on our side.

The cloud show in the evening as the storm approached was amazing. First the front coming from the west, backlit by the setting sun, towering up and growing over the sky. The western sky filled in until it was all gray with lightning. Then the eastern clouds took front stage. There was a blossoming thunderhead that lasted for the 15 minutes I spent driving east to get home. The brilliant white top of the cloud mass changed from looking like a swelling snowball, to like a poodle's floofy top knot, to a huge white thing with a flat layer... words fail me. It was spectacular viewing. "Clouds are a glimpse into the mighty power of fluid dynamics", indeed.

My hermit hair shirt is feeling too tight. Need to get a social plan going. First I am going to message my neighbor down the street to see if I can catch up with her. Then I will send an email to another hermit and see if we can align in a rare sociable phenom. Perhaps I'll make a hermit crab costume for Halloween...

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Zhoen said...

Hermit crab costume, that sounds amazing.