Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Boars at the beach

Sangliers à la plage link via Belgian Waffle:

EN IMAGES - Pyrénées-Orientales : une famille de sangliers à la plage

And why are wild boars called sangliers in French which sounds like sang (blood)? Merriam Webster says the word comes from the latin root singularis meaning solitary. A very unbloody explanation.

Bun says she wants an infinity scarf so I'm parking these here.

Just had a pop-in visit from K on her way home from school. So grown up. Although she says that she walks through campus feeling like a young imposter. Hey, you're not a college student! There are some students that look younger than she does...

All our gullies got washed last night and this morning. Nod wants to go camping and it just sounds damp and skeetery to me.


California Academy of Sciences photos of arranged diatoms. I thought I had recorded this before but search says no.

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