Friday, September 23, 2016

Come on

I discovered yesterday that people have recorded and posted sunset videos on youtube. I searched for 'NM sunset' and found a slew of time lapse videos of beautiful skies and terrain as the light changes. My kind of video wallpaper.

[lovely weeds image ganked from Bandelier's facebook post]

I saw an update on fbook by the Bandelier National Monument park that recommended coming out to camp this weekend. They provided some details to draw in visitors. The chamisa and asters are in bloom. There was a star talk on Thursday night and then a ranger talk on wildlife on Friday night. Saturday night there are Santa Fe Opera singers visiting and performing. The Jemez Mountain Elk Festival is also going on at the (relatively nearby) Valles Caldera National Preserve on Saturday. I would go for almost any of these reasons.

I guess I'm missing northern New Mexico. The fall is the best and the most melancholy season. I'll be in ABQ on October 4 for hot air balloons and a mom visit. And it's not even soon enough.  

I have found the list of offices we'll vote on for our local/state/fed election in November. Now I have to make sure I know who I'm after. I may do the absentee ballot to get it out of my brain early. Except for the worrying about the outcome.

I'm pretty much in love with Sunday's forecast of a high of 72 and raining.


Zhoen said...

I hope you had rain.

Off to look up sunset timelapses, thanks.

Nimble said...

We did have rain, all night Saturday into Sunday! And it's chilly in the mornings now. My wishes came true.