Friday, September 30, 2016

Leaf clock

Leaves all around are still green. But there is a little color at the edges of the burning bush shrubs and a little bit on the maple by the preschool play yard. I am waiting for the next stage. Probably it'll be dramatically advanced by the time we come back from ABQ.

I went looking for current Santa Fe aspen color pictures and didn't find any. Lots of postcard worthy pictures from some autumn who knows when. But I'm curious about current conditions. Like the view from I 25 coming north over La Bajada and the mountains above Santa Fu come in sight. Hopefully I'll get to see for myself. We may either take the train up for the day or drive up. I bought train tickets two years ago but decided to drive because wind and rain and tight timetable.

Had to look up how to spell La Bajada and found it and a nice description on this NM place name page.

Went to a show on Wednesday night with both kids. It was a band I had heard of but didn't know. We listened to some music online beforehand and thought it all sounded peppy and good. The band was fine but the sound volume was so high that it was distorted and painful. I felt badly for not bringing earplugs for the girls if not for myself. We made do with tissues. It was still fun to go out in the middle of the week. And I liked the deconstructed electric cello. And the violin player who performed in front of a fan with her SJP hair flying and a glittered electric violin.

Arts walk and Standing Rock protest and circus performance, it's a busy night tonight.

This review of Luke Cage makes me want to give it a try.


Zhoen said...

I make a point of always having earplugs on me. Hard experience got me to that point.

Nimble said...


Anonymous said...

Danish here. Did you ever watch Luke Cage? Evan and I loved it. Jessica Jones, too, which precedes it chronologically and introduces the character of Luke. Totally character and plot driven, instead of all about special effects. Totally worth the time.

Loved the la bajada origin story. Made me want to go find the original hairpin road!