Tuesday, October 11, 2016


Better than 'Clowns!' right? That's part of my face and the panorama in the sky at about 8:00am. We got up in the dark on Wednesday morning and got out to the field in time to watch the dozen dawn patrol balloons go up in the dimness. They did a beautiful flicker glow in the air. Floating lanterns, that's what hot air balloons are. So colorful! and it was super cold! and the green chile breakfast burritos from Hello Deli! were tasty! ABQ was looking good. We went to ride the tram up Sandia Crest but found that a few other people had that idea so we hiked part of the La Luz trail instead. Such a good idea. We also got to the Petroglyphs Nat'l Monument trail on the west side of town. Our wildlife tally: roadrunners, lizards, stink bugs. quail, jackrabbits, cottontails, rock squirrels, chipmunks and many little hopping birds.

Walked through the Shidoni Foundry sculpture garden in Tesuque and visited one of their galleries. There were loaded apple trees all over the property. The only signs reminded us not to climb on the sculptures so I told the kids they could have an apple. I think Kat ate 6 tiny ones. Photo management is of course yet to be done. I will try to post my favorite sculpture pic and balloon picture more in focus.

Trying to leave the politics alone. No one needs more of that. I will bend the rule in order to share something that made me laugh: here's the first debate, Bad Lip Reading Style.

That link and more laughing curated by Miss Cellania which I found via Nag on the Lake who continues to provide high quality links and images. Those Canadians -- you can count on them.


The Nag said...

Love the balloons and the kind words.

Zhoen said...

I've read Miss C at Cracked, took me way to long to get the pun.

Zhoen said...

TOO long, I do know better, just can't type.