Friday, October 14, 2016


Only a bit late for Coming Out Day, here's an affirming welcome from a book lover and former drama club teen Seanan McGuire. Very kind.

My kids are out of school Friday. One is at a friend's house for a sleepover. One brought a cough back from New Mexico and will be resting up. She has a choir concert on Monday so it's a race to get to the end of this cold as fast as possible.

This week was a bit steep after the vacation return. The kids both had end of quarter due dates to make sure all their makeup work was in. I've been productive in between bouts of screwing around at work. I feel that we've gotten thru it all quite well. Now I'm ready for a pumpkin and some time to make a costume.

Party trick party this weekend. I'm running off with a coworker's white board so I can demo mirror
writing. Gotta practice! Will bring juggling balls too. Totally looking forward to seeing all the tricks.

Inspector Grant and our cool omniscient narrator are totally filling the big for me lately. I'm on my third already.

Tazo's Sweet Cinnamon Spice tea is described in French thusly: Une tisane avec de douces volutes de cannelle mielleuse mariées à la saveur poivrée de l'anis étoilé.
I'd like someone to whisper that in my ear.

In addition to tea bags and Tey's mysteries I'm reading the Unger biography of the Marquis de Lafayette off and on and am feeling quite francophile.

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