Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Leaves, gourds, wrappers of terrible candies. Pumpkin acquired, we only lack one for oldest kid. Carving may start tonight if I feel the spirit. Less than a week away from all hallow's eve. Costumes aren't ready and Bun has said she may bail on the white rabbit and may go as Wednesday Addams. Shrug. My hermit crab is still a huge piece of cardboard in the garage and a gleam in my eye. We'll see, I fear that Nod got me a really sturdy box and the resulting shell will be too heavy to drag around. Must try.

Oh dear.
Cough and slight puniness cane upon me today. Sort of too bad I don't have another long weekend coming up.

Car driving license quest.
Last Friday I took our 9th grader to the city DMV office that is no longer open on Mondays or Saturdays but opens at 7am for its four day week. We got there about 8:15 and I told her that if the line filled all the chairs in the waiting room that I was not going to try to get in. But lo, the morning light showed only 4 chairs filled and two parties at the counter. We were at the counter forking over the many documents of identity within 20 minutes. Meanwhile the office radio played Carry On My Wayward Son which felt so right. Clearly the spheres had aligned. K went to the computer station to take her learner's permit test. I expected a fail as she had studied for the first time the night before. We'd also heard the clerk counseling a teenager who had failed it, 'usually people don't pass on the first try'.  But yay for spheres and luck and brains and stuff, she missed exactly the allowed number of questions and passed by the skin of her teeth. Her permit pic wasn't even terrible.

We toddled off straight to the cemetery for a first driving lesson. This seems to be the first thing I can think of that K is pretty bad at. You can't call her a natural driver. But only a few grass blades were run over and we all lived. Nod is looking forward to his turn as driving coach. As much practice as often as possible seems like the only way through.


Zhoen said...

Why did I never go as Wednesday? I can't imagine. Must rectify that, next year at latest.

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

My youngest is learning to drive at the moment , too . Her instructor praised her 'elegant braking'(?) but did point out that veering into the bike lane évery now and then wasn't going to make her very popular , at all .
I'm just wondering if I should buy her a St. Christopher medal .

Nimble said...

@Zhoen: Wednesday is a good option, especially if you can smile terrifyingly.

@S&S: Elegant braking -- must mean that your kid has a light touch on the brake. I can't see the harm in adding a medal as long as it's accompanied by lots of practice. St. Frances of Rome is the patron saint of driving, I just looked.