Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wheel and turn

The maples are peaking and per tradition I haven't taken any photos. The autumness isn't bowling me over this year. I like it and the cool weather just fine. But some years it pierces my heart and so far I remain unpierced. Shrug. I had a moment of euphoria in NM about going north to Santa Fe. Maybe it was mostly the altitude and/or nostalgia, nonetheless I welcome it.

We're all sleeping later in the darker mornings and I am eating more. I par boiled some potatoes, halved lengthwise. Per the British instructions I then tossed them with olive oil, garlic and S&P and baked at 400 for 20 minutes. We all 4 liked them. Is that even allowed? We've entered roasting season! Seasonal shiftiness. Exercise has fallen away and I'm going to get to start again. Again.

Holey moley! Holy Hannah! I need some new old lady exclamations.

Third debate successfully avoided. I have seen some of the coverage and reactions today. Patton Oswalt's twitter feed is pretty entertaining just regarding the election this year. I have a sample ballot to make sure that I get info on the local candidates before making my marks. And I am still waiting for my absentee ballot in the mail. We haven't gotten any mail at all this week and I realize that it's time to take a utility bill to prove my residence and go ask for an explanation at the post office. I double checked to see if I had accidentally extended our mail hold beyond the NM dates. Not that I can see. Hoping to find a postal person to check this. Figuring it might take more than one run at the sheer face of the PO.

Reading Max Gladstone's Last First Snow and enjoying the Aztecan-labor politics-law firm-magical intellectualism of it. Ancillary Sword is in at the library so I need to whip through this one. It may be a while before I get through Lafayette -- I have a hard time resisting the fiction.Dessert first!

Pinky purply infinity scarf trimmed with purple bobbles was a big hit with youngest daught. I tried to text her a picture of it from the store as is the new custom. But my text took forever so I just bought it on spec. So satisfying to have it be a win. Older daught says she may want me to knit her a scarf, we'll scan Ravelry and see if anything grabs her. Was thinking of knitting a sweater for Bun but I know how poky I am. I'd like to finish my gray/white/blue sweater I started last winter before starting anything else. Guess I don't want to buy any more yarn right now so I'll see if I can pick this pattern up again.


Zhoen said...

Made the mistake of following the twitter during the Al Smith dinner. Well, half mistake, found the one side to be compassionate and horrified. The other side was just slinging and constipated in utter stupidity. Felt very sorry for Melania, who never signed on for this, and is no doubt feeling swamped and overcharged for what felt like a good deal at the time.

The purple infinity scarf sounds lovely.

Nimble said...

I support a conscious search for helpful distraction. I have a growing conviction that stupid is not going to win this election. My election anxiety peaked about a month ago. I'm close to sure now that it's going to be okay and that enough caring people are motivated to vote.

Pretty colors are a good distraction. (yay scarf). A yard near my work parking lot has bright fall-colored tissue paper ghosts hanging from a tree. It's delightful. I wonder how tomorrow's rain will affect them though.