Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A low time

A light cough and a general sense of unwellness turned into chills and fever and aches. By the time baseball came on I was hobbling slowly and very happy to bundle up on the couch with soup and blanket. Two more days of the fevery achey stuff and then those diminished so the cough could take center stage. I went to be seen at doc's office even though I knew it was flu or a similar virus and probably they couldn't cure me. I got strong cough syrup and was tested so I am sure it's not strain A or B of this year's flu, just another virus come to kick my ass. Still coughing but the headache and hatred lifted after four days on Sunday morning.

Being home sick meant that I finished my sexy witch book and big chunks of the second Ancillary novel. Ancillary Sword was too good, I finished it very quickly. (Sheepishly brushes away book crumbs from chest.) Now I'm on the hold list for the Last One in the trilogy. Probably a good thing that I have to wait a bit for it. (I want it now!)
[Edited to add that I've found it's at the university library and tomorrow I will bring it home. Mwa!ha!ha!ha!]

When I felt a little stronger I watched Bendyspoon Cucumber in the BBC series To the Ends of the Earth which I hadn't heard of before. If you have any liking for Napoleonic War era shipboard fiction, or Benedict Cumberbatch's acting, you should try it. There are only three long episodes. It was shot in 2005 when BC was only 29 and looked convincingly a decade younger.

Last night in between and after hween candy deliveries at the door we watched Moonstruck. It was just as good as I remembered. Kat said "Cher is so pretty! Why did she have all that plastic surgery?!" No answer that I know except maybe, "She fears death."


Zhoen said...

I'm always up to at least try an undiscovered BBC series. Enjoying the Inspector Allyn Mysteries all over again.

Lucy said...

Book crumbs and Bendyspoon Cucumber made me laugh. I can tick both BC and Napoleonic ships boxes so will seek out the series, which I don't remember coming across before.

Hope you keep feeling better, the soup and blanket stage is a treat compared to the cough, I always find.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Danish here. I love To the Ends of the Earth! Which of course I've seen in my obsessive completeness quest for all things BC. That's what he was filming in south Africa when he was kidnapped and held at gunpoint on his knees for hours (he's talked about it in interviews). The time he almost died. Thank god he didn't! Can you imagine a world without his amazing body of work?