Wednesday, November 30, 2016


If you do see Arrival and you like to read about movies afterwards like I do here are two pieces from the New Yorker magazine. Anthony Lane's proper movie review is not his finest work, that is reserved for things he finds ridiculous and can unload his arsenal of snark on. But it communicates how he was captivated and moved by the film and avoids spoilers which is a distinct challenge. Jia Tolentino's article contains what I consider to be plot spoilers and I'm happy I found it after seeing the movie. My own experience of sadness and hope while watching the events in the movie match up with hers.

The pinecone wreath is up. We'll see how long the hot glue holds. I started wiring pinecones to a wire wreath form but it was lumpy and I couldn't get them to lay down in layers as I had envisioned. After starting over a couple of times I had to give it up. Discovery: pinecones have seriously irregular and determinedly three dimensional forms. I don't love hot glue as a medium, I prefer wire or glue or thread but needs must. I'm happy with how it looks so far. I may try to add some evergreen sprigs once we have a tree to snip from. Although, I could sidle over to the neighbor's pine tree and see what I can reach...

I was stumped at how to get the bow formed out of the stiff plasticky ribbon I had in the xmas bag. As a good citizen of the 'net I turned to youtube videos. Here's the winner. Madame Fuschia Nails shows you how it's done and I am grateful to her. I haven't listened to the audio, just enjoyed the sight of those beautifully manicured hands moving masterfully over the work table.

I like John Scalzi's take on a lot of things. He's a liberal who supports himself with his art and lives in the midwest. He can appreciate things about his Republican-voting neighbors without his head exploding. This week's piece on what he expects from the start of the next administration is a good bracing read. Maybe follow it with some Orwell, I plan to.

MIL is home from the hospital and I need to call and check up on her. It was dehydration and what they call acute kidney injury. She had the same thing after returning from Ecuador. She sounded much better once she was in the hospital and IV'd up. I hope she's got a long stretch of wellness ahead.

My own mother has summoned her children to ABQ to celebrate her 75th birthday at the end of this month. I wasn't planning to go until my brother made his plans and I realized that she was telling me (by not telling me) that she would be disappointed if I didn't make it. I'm not exactly sure how we're going to kick up our heels in the dark midwinter in Albuquerque but I'll try and figure it out.

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