Thursday, November 10, 2016

Crappy sweaters

I was thinking about the gray sweater that I started in November 2015 and stopped work on when spring started. I recently picked it up again and was able to finish joining the front and back with a neckline. I tried it on and it's pretty ugly. The front is longer than the back and the intarsia decoration I put on the chest is too small and too high up. Blocking might help the length issues but it's acrylic yarn (I know - not classy) so won't have wool's ability to morph. I couldn't face fixing it so it's back in the bag and I'm pouting. Hopefully I'll woman up and rip the front back to fix that decoration. Phooey.

Then I thought about a previous sweater I made with some ill advised departures from a pattern I'd never tried before. It was a pattern in a book with pretty pictures from yarn shops all over the country. I saw the danger signs going in! I loved making the cables especially where they joined under the sleeves. The yarn I chose was a pretty color and a wool blend that made me happy. The finished article is heavy and very homely but I will happily wear it (at home) in the coldest weather. It reminds me of a garment that could conceivably be used as padding under armor.

So I started laughing at my ugly sweaters. Then I remembered the huge squirrel hat I knitted. Also worth a chuckle. I have finished a couple of sweaters I like. As a self taught k-nitter I am proud of them. But when a project goes wrong it can really go wrong.

Speaking of projects I have decided to make a pinecone wreath for the door. I love pinecones but fear having them in the house because they're messy and possibly buggy. On the outside of the door I will be able to enjoy them without worrying about things falling out of them. But I don't have time to gather any pinecones on campus today. A piano awaits.

Last night I found a free piano in our local buy/sell page that had been listed that day. I inquired and got quotes for a moving company. It'll cost $235 to move which is the right price for a piano if you ask me. We'll see it tonight and decide if it's the one. If not I also got offered another free piano in the process of my investigating. So pianos are out there, people! I know they are like pets and need more expensive upkeep than most furniture. But that would be a neat answer to Kat's 15th birthday present. Fingers crossed.

As you can tell I am frolicking in the fields of denial today.

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Zhoen said...

Do what you gotta do. And hey, free piano!

Nothing as wonderful as a really proper ugly sweater.