Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Fall y'all

I jogged after work last night. We're having mild temps for a few days. The fading light in the western twilight sky was gorgeous with Venus in the south shining strong. The track got harder to see so I ran on the white line instead of in between lines. It was worth doing. I still have a few strains from Monday's yoga. I must have overdone.

Picked up some pinecones. I love the long curving ones dotted with white sap. Maybe Eastern White Pine (photo is from linked page) although we are not very eastern.
I will look for some small round ones to add contrast.

Now that I look at that website I am quite charmed. I need to spend some time learning about the microenvironment of French Hill Pond on Mount Desert Island in Bar Harbour, Maine. But it's on private property so don't attempt to visit without an invitation!

We have not succumbed
The Leslie Knope election reaction I didn't know I needed. I've only seen two Parks and Recreation episodes and don't really get the vibe of the show. Doesn't matter! I also would like my girls to read this.

My husband was talking volubly about the election last night on the phone. He was having a good time and I could tell he was talking with an old friend. I'm glad that he's managing the rage and able to connect. I'm glad we've gotten through a week and are feeling more able to more forward.

Listening that is not political
From BigHank53 at
Podcasts that may help…there’s Backstory, which has three history professors looking at a single topic through the centuries of American history. They did a really good one a couple years ago on the history of Christmas celebrations, for example. Gretchen Rubin has her Happier podcast, which is not woo-woo but mostly practical advice on forming better habits, so you can make space to be a bit more cheerful. If you’re a gardener Margaret Roach has a great podcast.
The historian David Blight recorded his freshman course on the Civil War a couple years ago. He’s a brilliant lecturer, and you don’t need more than high school history to follow it. Search for the Yale Open Course to find them.

Sloth it
Maybe you need an enamel pin showing a sloth with a party hat captioned Coolio.


Lucy said...

Loved that Leslie Knope post, thanks for that.

Nimble said...

It's nice to have some encouragement. The SNL opener last week was sweet that way as well.