Monday, November 7, 2016


Trying to decide if I want to walk downtown and drink some beers while I watch election results tomorrow night. Or go to the beer store and just be jittery on my own couch.

I saw someone on twitter refer to F'book as faceboobs and that's what I want to call it forever more.

Wearing my beloved brown ankle boots today. I've worn down the back edges of the heels and have just decided that this pair is worth an out of town shoe repair trip. I will call the shop to be sure they can do it. I loved living in San Francisco and having a shoe repair shop right by the BART stop. In my current small city there is an artisanal leatherworker guy who will do repair but you have to track him down and I get the idea that it's not his main gig. That's too steep for me, I'd rather drive to a place that does this everyday.

Just finished Miss Pym Disposes. I really enjoyed how wrong our protagonist was about multiple things. I liked the description of the women's college activities very much. It reminded me of Gaudy Night. Harriet Vane bathes in the student bathroom much like Miss Pym. The description of the day to day rules and nicknames and quaint shenanigans at the school reminded me of Daddy Longlegs although that one is American and set at the turn of the century.

Realized that this year I've been saying goodbye to my forties. I've mostly gotten over the sulk. Now that my cough is reluctantly taking its leave I want to start the jogging again. In the dark. Boo.


Zhoen said...

Life begins at 50. My boss tells me that is when you can wear animal prints with impunity. I trust her.

Zhoen said...

Oh, Miss Pym! Yes, very cozy murder mysteries, I enjoyed them a lot.

Nimble said...

Heh, I have a friend who wears all my animal prints for me. But good to know.
I am working my way through the Tey mysteries and having a wonderful time. I had read Daughter of Time back in my teens but nothing else. The characters, clothes, priorities are all well described and interesting. The occasional racist assumption or outmoded psychological "fact" is tolerable.