Thursday, November 17, 2016


The Bitten Word guys are getting ready to be done with their blog. It will be sad to see it go but they have brought us much good reading and interesting recipes over the years. A toast to Zach and Clay and all the little Bittens!

I eagerly read through this year's readers' pie challenge. Full disclosure: I am a pie dropout, I signed up and received the apple pie with pepper jelly recipe from Southern Living. But my family said they didn't want to eat that pie and I decided I didn't want to either. The Christmas cookie readers' reports have always been big fun. They include a combo of beautiful food pix and some regretsy moments.

Thanksgiving is wafting towards us and I'm ready for some root veggies, roasting and pie! Here are more recipes calling out to me:

Carrot mash with mint and orange zest.

Bon Appetit's Bourbon Maple Brueleed Pumpkin Pie. Will skip the choc crust and the brulee actually.


Microwave caramel? Tell me more... I'm up for using the microwave to cut down on extended stovetop stirring and temp management. Alton Brown's microwave-caramelized onions for example. (Note: do not make caramel and caramalized onions one after the other.Those smells should not be combined - yick.)


Not noms

You may know a child or a larger version of a child who needs an Advent Grab Bag. They even provide a list of treasures if you have the energy and inspiration to DIY and custom assmble your own.

LMM / Maron interview link from David C. on nancynall:

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