Friday, November 4, 2016

Odds and sods

Bare Naked Ladies song recommended by Swistle as a calming theme: Odds Are. I need more BNL in my life. I know Stunt backwards and forwards but nothing else. Looking up the single I see it is from Grinning Streak which was recorded in 2013 and isn't as goddamned old as I expected. Yay Canadian goof popsters.

From a link in Seanan McGuire's tumblr, I bring you Napoleon in Furs:

File:Napoleon in winter clothing by V.Vereshagin.jpg

Insert Napoleonic version of "Avast ye Russkies!" here.

Recently I took a walk on the wild side and made cheese dip. It was hilariously quick and easy and felt like a magic trick. Voila! I will try to use this new found power carefully.

Running full speed through the last of the Ancillary trilogy by Leckie. I can tell that I will miss Ancillary Mercy most severely when I finish it.

Still coughing. Glad it's the end of the work week. Have had another idea about costumes even though I missed out this year. 2 D raincloud headdress in painted cardboard. Simple enough that I may create one as proof of concept.

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