Thursday, December 1, 2016

Plotting and scheming

Seasonal scheme
I wish I had more scheming going on as far as presents go. K slammed the door this morning on her furious way to the bus stop and dislodged a pinecone. I re-applied it and added some cushioning duct tape on the back of the wreath. I will also plead for gentler door wrangling for the duration. Time to make a list of the xmas/solstice holiday things we all want to do. Gingerbread cookies. Tree. Send some cards - for which it'd be nice to have a photo.

Important soup
I have put sweet potatoes on the grocery list so I can get some soup going. Also for future reference, Roasted winter squash soup from I prefer to avoid chopping raw butternut squash when possible. Chopping raw sweet potatoes is okay, barely.

Pop drop
Stovetop popcorn tip from same site. The twist is to add kernels to the hot oil and then keep the pot off the heat for 30 seconds before returning it to the burner. This is supposed to bring all the kernels up to heat so they pop more simultaneously. I must try this. I have pretty good popcorn results but every once in a while I scorch a batch while waiting for all the kernels to finish popping.

From Amalah who is a gift:  "Proud bleeding-heart feminist environmentalist pro-choice pro-LGBTQ BLM pro-refugee pro-gun-control democratic socialist heathen liberal AF up in this bitch."

Catherine Newman wants the best for everyone as you can see from her very particular and joyful gift guide. I want most of them. It's also a fundraiser, 'tis the season in so many ways. If you visit her main blog page you will see that her 3 gravy recipes post is just below this one. In case you need to gravy. I'm planning to make mashed pots and mushroom gravy for the veggie and me soon.

I have begun thawing a 13#+ turkey in our fridge. My cunning plan: When thawed, cut/hack/slice the bird down the backbone and breast into two halves. Refreeze (I know, not recommended but what else can I do with it?) one half for later (xnas?). Roast the other half triumphantly, gravy, etc., etc. Profit!

"Eagles excited to get started" reads a headline in the local (virtual) rag. My first thought was that eagles were stepping up their winter fish grabbing by the dam. But no, this story is about high school sports teams of course, not real eagles. K saw an eagle by the dam last weekend so I know they're excited to get started too.

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