Wednesday, December 7, 2016


Having a wreath on the door has made me realize how often we collectively slam that door. Nod has found that he has a tendency to brush against it with his manly shoulder as he comes in. I have reattached multiple pinecones and look forward to many more.

Sing heyThe pirate couple's annual carol party happened without us again. It's just hard to get to San Francisco for it. She provided a link to a 'hunt the wren' type carol performed a capella by Steeleye Span.
The King:

Coffee spoon covet
Ginkgo Alsace Demitasse Spoons at Bloodbath and Beyond! $10 for 4 on Dec 1, 2016. Looks like my Boston Oneida flatware.

Disappointment Roll
Reminder to self: the last two times that you have purchased a veggie sushi roll at the cafeteria you've detected a faint scent of mold. Never buy this again.

Both pets had to greet the piano tuner today and see if she needed their help. She declined but clearly appreciated their interest. In the morning cat and dog both wait for me to open the back door. They leap out together, shoulder to shoulder when I finally get it open. There could be critters/chicken poop out there! Generally they come in separately. The dog is ready as soon as she's peed and had a sniff around the perimeter. The cat may have realized her mistake as soon as her paws got wet or she may be off sparrow watching. The dog seems to spend more time outside if the cat is out. Does she just like company? Or is she convinced that the cat is doing cool things that she should be in on?

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