Monday, January 16, 2017

Entertain Me

Written Words
My first world problem today is that my historical novel is too thick to lie flat. So I can't easily read it at meals. It's a library copy, a crappy new paperback copy covered with the thick plastic library cover. The pages have half the title and the page numbers cut off at the top of every page. If I wasn't being impeded in this way I would be whipping through The Fool's Tale because it offers plenty in the way of entertainment. It isn't wowing me with sincerity but there's a lot of history in there as well as English and Welsh stereotypes I hadn't really considered before. It also showed me the root of the Harry Potter house elf/sock system.

I'm also reading The Flood Girls. It's a hardback that lays open fairly well. (I may add a rating to all of my Goodreads reviews to say how well the particular book I read laid flat.) I picked it out at random off the fiction shelf. The scene I opened to had a middle aged date that was quickly heading to sex and I was hooked. It's about a godforsaken little Montana town and the recovering alcoholic who returns to see if her life is there. I think. So far anyway.

Movies seen in December and January:  Manchester By The Sea, Rogue One, Moana. A few impressions, will try not to plot reveal.
MBTS. Before the movie, I had to sit through the preview for the horror film Split. Because those audiences overlap so much. Gack. MBTS is full of such good acting and sense of place. And yet, it's one of those family dramas that might make more sense on a stage. And it's total Oscar bait. How do these families earn enough money to keep these big houses? Why are we put through this emotional wringer for very little resolution at the end? Maybe some would argue that makes the story more realistic but I'm not sure that's a good enough reason. Give me an arc, let the main character discover one new emotional outlet maybe?
Rogue One. I went back and forth on this and whether I wanted to see it in the theater. It was plenty entertaining but I could have survived just fine until DVD time. I liked The Force Awakens (ep. VII) better.
Moana. Oh that was a lovely time. I really liked the music and my eyes leaked during all the songs. I was pleased at how demigod Maui didn't just feel like a stand-in for Dwayne Johnson. It was a complete character and DJ was really acting and everything. I was delighted with the Shiny song sung by Jemaine Clement as the treasure hoarding crab.
Up next:  La La Land.

TV on the laptop
At a friend's repeated recommendation I've been watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend (CW and Netflix). It's cringe comedy but for me it's on the right side of the line: I find it funny rather than desperate/sad. And the fact that it's hybridized with musical numbers helps a lot. Plus lord knows there do exist people who have enormous brains and very little common sense or emotional boundaries. We hope they can get better!

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