Thursday, January 26, 2017

Off and stumbling

Year has started. Semester has started. Presidential term has started. We are underway. Hang on to your hats.

Pinking in Topeka
Our pioneer mother shows off her pussy hat:

Ride impaired
Both our cars took damage this week. Last Wednesday evening I hit a deep and vicious pothole that did for one tire. Bang! Scream! I was lucky that I was still able to pick up and deliver kids and get us home without incident. It was flat by morning and wheel was cracked. Just got a replacement wheel put on at noon. Whew. Got in the other car on Monday and after backing out of the driveway I heard the sound of the muffler falling down to the pavement. I managed to park on the street without ripping it off. Nod bungy-corded it back up and we're waiting to hear from the mechanic. That's the car we're thinking about driving to Texas in March. Hm.

I'm having trouble setting a date to get a massage. My esteemed life partner gave me a xmas present of time with a great bodyworker who is also a friend. And I can't seem to get the day and time nailed down. I guess I'll treat this as an opportunity to practice. Surely I can get this on the calendar.

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