Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Peaceful booms

Spent the last day of the year flying back from NM to KS. Got on the ground in time to see the setting moon: a red gold fingernail paring floating down to the horizon. Once home we walked over to our friend's house for a partay. Arriving late we actually stayed until the midnight (not my usual pattern). They looked for a countdown to watch in our time zone and instead of Chicago we ended up with Ottawa. The smarmy Canadian celebrity host seemed smarter and less oily than his American counterparts. Fireworks over the Parliament Building sealed the deal. Now I want to watch Canadians at every NYE! We could hear neighborhood fireworks in the distance as well. But the booms didn't go on too long.

I brought back treats for all courtesy of my mother's generosity. Despite my doubts it was great to spend time with my brother and mom. Ry grilled some salmon and we popped some delicious prosecco. She got what she wanted and rated it as the best birthday since her 50th. I was also informed that we should plan to do this every 5 years until liftoff.

Because my mother likes planning for her death we went through her folder of important docs and threw out some that were no longer relevant. Came up with a couple of questions for the finance guy and/or the attorney. I guess I'm lucky that she wants to get this all in order beforehand. It did make me a little sad. But then it made her happy to have it done so I guess that was part of what I was there for.

Good time off and more restful than the start of the hols. There is more cleaning and de-Christmas-ing yet to do. I may bake more gingerbread cookies because they're really good and using cookie cutters is fun.

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