Thursday, January 12, 2017

Whip up those turtles

Watching the forecast for the coming ice storm. I hope it won't be awful but think I will be able to stay off the roads. At least until Monday morning. Am remembering why I should work Veteran's Day next year and stay home on MLK Day.

Grist for the mill
Showing what metafilter does best, here's a wonderful thread discussion on parenting prompted by a fairly stupid article. The article is from the UK Telegraph about how the Dutch raise the happiest children and is high on the 'you're doing it wrong' scale. The discussion on mefi brings in interesting observations such as it's a privilege to live in a safe enough neighborhood so that kids can play outside unsupervised. And that Scandinavian parents don't work as many hours as US and UK parents which voila makes them able to parent better. Time and peace, both are luxuries. I'd rather have them than a new car.

I'm really overdue to pay my $5 and start commenting over there.

Keepin' a lid on it
There were two things I couldn't talk about last week so I could build up a head of steam and get them underway. First thing was get the xmastree down and out of the living room. I baked a last batch of gingerbread cookies and decorated them just because it's fun. The cookies helped fuel the tree dismantling and I think we did a good job of tucking the ornaments away carefully and not just throwing everything in a box willynilly. That was the best tree we've ever had, it smelled wonderful the whole time and had those short blunt needles. Sigh. It is now aging in the backyard and waiting for the annual burn.

Got three jogs in during the last week and that's enough for me to call it a pattern. I have been going to the indoor track at the public rec center. I feel lucky to have somewhere to go in the cold and dark. I would like to build a routine before spring and then get to take it outdoors again.

Mighty Girl points out a writer who considers how many times he'll do a particular thing in his lifetime. We don't know our own denominator number exactly but we can make a guess. "Number of times to swim in the ocean..." that one makes me feel a little sad here in the belly button of these USofA. There probably won't be many more swims for me on southern California beaches or on Sanibel Island. MG wrote a sweet greeting to the new year with resolutions and some habits to shed as well.

Octopus Updates
Read on Seanan's tumblr how octopuses at the Hatfield Marine Science Center (Oregon State) are treated. The commenter said that an octopus will indicate acceptance of a docent by putting their tentacles on them, they indicate rejection by squirting water. I hope this is true and am happy to hear about the policy for keeping each octopus only briefly in captivity. My inconsistent carnivore policy excludes octopus.


Zhoen said...

Octopusses are very intelligent creatures.

Nimble said...

I enjoy imagining waving all those tentacles around.