Thursday, March 16, 2017


Just read this post from The Millions by Sarah Stephens on a grief comforted by a series of mystery novels. That's my kind of therapy. I was reminded by Ms. Irby that I need to keep up with the book chatty websites.

I've started my first Vorkosigan novel by Lois McMaster Bujold. As the series is long I consulted a guide to the reading order. I'm sticking to novels to start. If I get worked up I may go look for the stories later.

Our town's St. Pat's Day parade is tomorrow at 1pm. The parade committee posted signs yesterday on my street that we can't park on the street for the duration. I'm only a little grumpy about that. Mostly I am not a fan of the fact that one of the main historical sponsors for this parade has been a strip club. I like a good Irish beer but don't like the American holiday insistence on alcohol consumption. I think the Friday occurrence of SPD and the fact that our college men's basketball team is playing at 5:30p mean that there will be some big bad drunkenness downtown this year. Perhaps I'll make boxty potatoes with a recipe in French instead of carousing.


Zhoen said...

Stop before you get to her "romance" novels, and she's pretty good. I've seen some critical faults, but only much later. Enjoy, she's a marvelous storyteller. Well, until she gets bogged down much later on, but no need to dwell on that.

Anonymous said...

Hi honey,
So glad you're starting. I would go with the Ideal order in that link you attached. I definitely think you should start with Cordelia. She's a great character. And I kind of like the Miles in Love ones. He's so hapless, I found it rather charming.
The Danish