Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Low pursuits

New to me
Talking stack is a meeting management approach I had not heard of before today. It's set up to allow all participants to speak and to avoid meeting dominance by a pushy few. I like the description except for the hand gestures. That seems like a step too far, too silly. And damn, if your group is too big or too loud for people to be heard then you have problems that hand gestures probably cannot solve.

Beet schemes
I have successfully used my crockpot to cook beets. Scrub the beets, wrap each one individually in a piece of foil with a glurp of olive oil and place in crockpot. Cook on medium low (? still trying to figure this out) for 4 to 8 hours until a knife pierces the beet easily. I was impatient and got a few firm or even crunchy beets. But beets can be eaten raw so undercooking was not a tragedy and they all tasted good in the brine I put them in. After a brief, lackluster search I haven't found the fridge pickle recipe I used originally. I'll transcribe it later from the paper in my recipe box. I added more sugar for the beets and threw in some cracked black peppercorns. I pickled some carrot slices with the leftover brine and had a good sour veggie week.

-----Lots of online TV has taken place lately.

Crazy Ex
I've watched more eps from the first season of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I particularly liked the episode where Pamela's marriage gets rekindled. But I am not sure I have it in me to get through the next six or seven eps to the end of the season. So much lying and self sabotage by characters I've become fond of, it's so frustrating.

Nod has tried for quite a while to get me to join him in his love of the Raymond Reddington character on Blacklist. I resisted until the start of season 3 and now I find I'm there with him. I want it known that I disapprove of the high body count and disposable people in all these episodes. For example Liz's behavior on the boat in season 2 was highly problematic. But I've let go of the expectation that these are real people; clearly actual government agents would not behave this way. So I view it as a weird violent soap opera and that works for me. The presence of ye olde Jas. Spader helps. I have a mental block for the name of this series and always want to call it Black Hat or Black Fish or Black Anything But List.

Solvers Problem
After all the shooting and gore I am delighted to lighten up and watch some 30 Rock. I am so lucky that I haven't finished that series yet.


Anonymous said...

Crazy Ex is fun, but I've only gotten through a couple episodes--is it worth hanging in there? Blacklist--watched 2 seasons, but then we got kind of frustrated with it, and stopped. I did love Senor Spader, however.

Another to put on your list: Santa Clarita Diet--Drew Barrymore, Timothy Olyphant are a married real estate team with a petulant teenaged daughter. One day, Drew turns into a zombie (albeit with her mind intact, and a taste for human flesh), and hijinks ensue. It's a lot sweeter and funnier than I'd expected. It's mostly about their marriage and how far they'll go to support each other. And raising a teenager, and nosy neighbors, etc, etc. We binged it a few weekends ago and loved it.

The Danish

Anonymous said...

Have you tried pickling grapes? The Chef did that a while back-cut them in half, and then pickled in a fairly sweet and vinegary brine. They were AMAZING!

-The Danish

Nimble said...

I'm on the fence about CEG. Sometimes it lives up to the whole sit com with musical numbers premise. And sometimes the writing about friendship and self-deception is really piercing. But it's not always up to those heights and as I say I may have hit my limit. Not sure how they are getting multiple seasons out of this setup.

Pickled grapes sounds perverse and wonderful. I am very committed to my root veggies but I'll think about it. Green or red grapes?